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Handing God Your Dreams

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Have you ever handed over a dream to God? Or surrendered your lifelong dream to Him? And THEN had to walk out that obedience in surrender? That’s what we are walking through and we recorded an episode together to encourage you in your walk also.

My husband and I have a vulnerable conversation about our recent decision that changed our entire lives.

We talk about what to do when we regret praying a prayer, and how to walk through disappointment of where God has called us. We also talk about the prayer that changed our lives and what our family is doing now.

Jake & I open up about the hard parts of our story and have a real conversation about actually walking in obedience when God has called you somewhere and you’re struggling with it.

  1. Amy Dougherty says:

    Thank you for sharing this! Although are stories are similar but different this resonated with me!! We farm over a large area and have livestock. My husband who NEVER sits and listens to anything I do Sat and listened with me! Thank you so much for doing this I think hearing it from a fellow man farmer he connected with it!!’ We loved it!

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