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Growing Slow- with Jennifer Dukes Lee

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Jennifer’s new book, Growing Slow is a message that is so needed right now! We discuss how life on a farm has lessons that apply to each one of us, and how growing slow in this fast-paced world is exactly what we need.

Jennifer shares some of her wisdom through experiences learning how to grow slow in life. As an enneagram three this has been a challenge for her, and as a type three myself I found her wisdom very helpful and I think you will too!

She has learned how to stop and recognize the little, mundane moments in life. She explains how like farming, we all go through different seasons. She teaches us what a “hurry heart” is and how to recognize when we have one ourselves.

Jennifer touches on her three R system…listen to find out what this is- you do not want to miss it!

You can find Jennifer on Facebook and Instagram @jenniferdukeslee

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