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Going Against the Grain When God Asks.

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Have you ever felt discontent with where you were simply because you KNEW you were not being obedient in where you were called to go? You knew God was asking you to take a step out in faith, but you knew that to most people around you it wouldn’t make sense.

Madison Konkel was in that exact position. She was going to college for communications, but she knew it wasn’t where she was supposed to be. She thought God was asking her to drop out of college, but how was she supposed to tell people that and not sound crazy?

After the encouragement of her family, she took the leap of faith and dropped out of college. She enrolled in Bible college, not knowing exactly where it would lead, but trusting God with her future.

But here is where it gets sticky.

What do we do when someone close to us doesn’t understand our leap of faith?

Madison and I discussed how someone close to her who also call themselves a Christian, was not supportive of her decision to attend Bible college. To make matters worse, they were not the kindest with their vocalization of their disapproval.

So how do we keep that from stopping us?

Madison gave us the encouragement that whenever we take steps out in faith and go where we know God is calling, there will always be someone who doesn’t understand or approve of our decision.

We can acknowledge that those opinions and disapprovals from those we love might sting, but we can’t let it stop us.

We can’t let fear of what others think hold us back from being obedient to God, because in the end their opinions won’t matter. In the end we have to know that we chose to listen to the voice of God rather than the voice of naysayers.

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