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I'm Caitlin - Farmer's wife, momma, author, speaker, and podcaster. On a mission to help you boldly pursue where God has called you.

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Perfectionism is the belief that we must be perfect to be happy and successful. This often
leads to setting obscenely high standards for ourselves, which can be impossible to meet.
As a result, we may end up feeling frustrated, anxious, or stressed.

How to Break Free From Perfectionism

How to Break Free From Perfectionism

Boldly Pursuing

Have you ever regretted praying a certain prayer?In this episode of the the podcast I talk about having faith in God and His plan even when we cannot see how our story will play out.I hope this episode encourages you, and know that I am in the trenches with you. <div id=”buzzsprout-player-8805828″></div> <script src=”” type=”text/javascript” […]

Regretting a Prayer

Boldly Pursuing

Holley and I talk about her new book The Powerful Purpose of Introverts. If you don’t know Holley, she is a Wall Street Journal best selling author, a life coach and counselor, co-founder of the blogging community Encourage, and a Co-Host on the More Than Small Talk podcast. She has sold over half a million […]

The Powerful Purpose of Introverts- Holley Gerth

Boldly Pursuing

Jessica and I really dive into the heart behind foster care and give you practical and tangible ways that if you can get involved with foster care. If you are not in a position to foster there are still ways that you can impact these children and rally around foster families who are in the […]

Fostering Prayer- with Jessica Mathisen

Jessica Mathisen

Boldly Pursuing

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