It's time to take the next step (even if it's the first step) in going where God has called, Sis. And I'm here to help you do just that. Your story matters and you were created for a purpose. Don't look back and regret not living it.

What would happen if you did the thing God was calling you to do?

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Are you ready to take the next step, or even the first step, in going where God has called you?

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Author of Faith, Farming, and Family: Cultivating Hope and Harvesting Joy Wherever You Are.

Bible teacher and speaker sharing Biblical truth through the lens of our life on the farm.

Podcast host of the Boldly Pursuing Podcast.

Farmer's wife. (If you want to learn more about our life on the farm or even order our homegrown beef, you want to click here!)

Mom. Constantly chasing around three little farm kids.

Hey, friend! I'm Caitlin.


* Dive even deeper into scripture

* Put the lessons from the book into work in your life

* Work through the hard questions and go deeper with your faith 

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— Taylor

Caitlin makes you feel like a friend sharing stories over a cup of coffee. Be ready to be encouraged through Biblical truths that apply to your everyday life.

— Cheri

She really knows how to put her heart on the line and encourage you to spend more time looking toward God.

— Kayla

Caitlin does a beautiful job of inspiring others through her words.

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